Sunday, December 4, 2011

What To Wear: The Club

Hey guys,
I haven't posted for so long. This will never happen again. I was bombarded with work and other things such as appointments, etc. It's been way too long. I missed you guys so much.... and fashion I guess. So, lets get with the program! haha. If you belong to a golf/country club like I do, and have no idea what to wear, this is the guide for you. As you all know, I am OBSESSED with Forever 21.

1. Top- It's a simple white flowy top that goes over anything you want it to.... a classic! Also, you can wear it to school with any color skinny jeans
2. Skirt- I love the "foilage" look of this skirt and you can wear it with a white or black shirt.... your call
3. Pumps- a classic complement to any dressy outfit, like this one
4. Clutch- I love the shiny pattern on this classic envelope- like clutch.... j'adore!
5. Necklace- gives the top a companion and makes you feel glamourous

PS. you can also wear this outfit with flats if you're not comfortable with heels (or any other reason)

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