Friday, September 6, 2013

I Got The Eye Of The Tiger

I'm literally obsessed with Roar by Katy Perry (and her of course)! It's so motivational and it makes me feel so strong and confident. If you've listened to this song, did you feel the same way? I love the way this music video was filmed. I mean, who wouldn't want to hang out with elephants and tigers and swing on a rope like Tarzan in a jungle?

If you have not listened to this song yet, here it is:

P.S. Who watched Katy on Good Morning America this morning? 

K    A    T    Y         C    A    T    S


Monday, September 2, 2013

School Spritz: Freshman Year Survival Guide

Freshman year of high school can be a terrifying, yet exciting year. It's all about making new friends and getting used to the big school you just set foot in. It's full of new and friendly people who are willing to help you find your way around. 

In this edition of "School Spritz", I will be sharing experiences and my knowledge about freshman year with those nervous about that first year in high school. Use these tips below and I guarantee freshman year will be a great year. 

1. TIME MANAGEMENT. I'm pretty sure you've all heard this term from your parents and/or previous teachers. This is one of the keys to success in high school. As far as homework goes, do the easiest assignments first to get them out of the way, then study for that big biology test and write your essay later...those take A LOT of time! 

2. FRIENDS. Having several close friends by your side can really make a difference. They can help you tremendously through your ups and downs. Also, lunch time is the best time to hang out with all of them.

3. EXTRA HELP. I can't stress this enough. ALWAYS see your teacher if you are unsure of an assignment. Their job is to help you, right? Go to them and I guarantee they will be more than happy to help you when the need arises. I can't count the amount of times I went to see my teachers for help...It helps a lot! Not only does your grade on the assignment go up, but also your bond with that teacher comes closer.

Follow my 3 keys to success and you'll have a great time in high school! For those of you who are freshmen in high school, there are always people out there to help you, NOT hurt you! 

Good luck to everyone in school this year!

Review: Cerave Moisturizing Cream

For almost a month now, I've been using CeraVe's moisturizing cream, prescribed by my lovely dermatologist, Dr. Bowe (she's amazing!). Don't worry, you can get thid product over-the-counter. It is literally amazing! It is SLIGHTLY thicker than a lotion but it is suitable for every season and weather condition.

If you have excema like myself, this cream is accepted by the National Excema Association. I had a severe heat rash from my summer vacation, and this cream took the rash away like magic. As said on the label, this cream really does moisturize, restore, and maintain the protective skin barrier. It keeps your skin moist for hours and even DAYS! Honestly! Just try it! This cream is sold at major drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens. 

Hope you guys enjoy this post! If you have any questions about this product, skincare related questions, or about anything in general, please do NOT hesitate to leave a comment below or email me at
I will try my hardest to get back to you. I PROMISE! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Hey! You've probebly been staring at this page for a year and asked yourself, "where is she?" Sophomore year was crazy and junior year will only be crazier (SATs, drivers ed, you name it). I was just so busy with school work and appointments of every kind. I'm so sorry about not posting. This year, I am committing to this blog. I have so many things to share with you guys and hope that you guys keep reading this blog!


Monday, October 15, 2012

fall favorites: pumpkin spice latte, mustaches and more!

Hey guys! Now that fall is in full swing, I'll be writing posts about fall fashion, beauty, and little knicknacks like this. Let me know what kind of "fall related" posts you would like me to do in the comments below!

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

I went to Starbucks on Saturday and realized a lot of beauty gurus on youtube have been raving about this fall favorite for a while. So I decided to give it a shot (so punny...LOL.) After the first sip, I literally fell in love. Everyone loves Starbucks, but sometimes the long lines and the prices can throw people off. So, why wait in a long line and pay a lot for something you crave? I found the exact same drink that you can make yourself at home, and it doesn't take a long time to make, which is a plus. This drink is great for when you're outside and shivering. This REALLY warms you up instantly. Definitely something I'll be repurchasing throughout fall and winter!
Here's how you make it!

Photo is from here
2. Mustache tees
When I first saw this adorable long sleeve mustache tee from Delia's website, I literally wanted to rush to the store and pick it up! This is a great shirt for fall, and I love how it's orange with black text, great for halloween! If I had this shirt (I'm buying it the next time I go into Delia's!), I would pair it with jeans or leggings and uggs. I also love the hi-lo hem! This top is screaming my name!
3. Cider Lane 
This scent reminds me of an apple orchard, apple cider and most importantly, fall! 
Photo is from here

4. Germany Collection by OPI
Lately, I've been loving and wearing berry shades on my nails for fall. I love the trend and I think it will carry on into the winter as well. The Germany Collection from OPI really reminds me of the leaves changing in the fall. What does it remind you of? 
From left to right:
Yellow: Don't Talk Bach To Me
Orange: Schnapps Out Of It!
Red-Orange: Deutsch You Want Me Baby?
Red: Danke Shiny Red
Burgundy: German-icure
Shimmery Purple: Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs
Dark Shimmery Purple: Every Month is Oktoberfest
Blue: Unfor-greta-bly Blue
Gray: Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!
Taupe-ish Beige: Berlin There Done That
Taupe-ish Pink: My Very First Knockwurst
Light Pink: Don't Pretzel My Buttons
I love all these colors and names! I'm going to have to buy all of them! Which is your favorite?

Well there you have it! What are your favorites this season? Tell me in the comments below!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

School Spritz: 3 Healthy After- School Snacks

Hey guys! I'm so excited because I just got a youtube yesterday! My channel is orlygirl04. Please subscribe! Although I have not put any videos up yet, I will be putting up videos soon! Also, whenever I upload a video there, I will put them here so you guys can watch them! I will be doing a "what's in my bag?" video and a "room tour" video soon so stay tuned for that! Have any other video requests for me? Please comment below! I would love to hear from you guys! Also, for video requests or if you want to just chat with me, I got a new email so please inbox me at: Also, I am making a vlog channel as well, which is for personal and random videos. If you know how to get a second channel on youtube, PLEASE let me know in the comments below, because that would help me and others who are looking to do this too!

I'm starting a new series for you guys called "school spritz". It's basically where I give you advice on stress, making friends, and all that jazz relating to school! I will also be making videos about these topics, so you can also see me while I'm talking to you guys, not just reading an essay by me....boring right?

You know those days when you come home from a long day of school and look in the fridge and think to yourself, "what am I going to eat for snack today?" If you have this dilemma, you're not alone! I go through this dilemma too, and I'm pretty sure others do too! In this guide, I looked up healthy foods you can snack on when you come home from school.

Check them out below...

Mix-n-Match Trail Mix. Making your own healthy trail mix is a great way to experiment with different whole grain cereals, nuts, dried fruits and even chocolate. Start with a fiber base of two different whole grain cereals, one cup of each. Add one cup of mixed nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts or Brazil nuts and a half cup of dried fruits; raisins, bananas or pineapple will add some natural sweetness to your mix. Optionally, you can add a half cup or less of chocolate chips. Chocolate has some great natural antioxidants and is healthy to eat in small doses.

Fruit Smoothies. Fruit-based smoothies can be just as delicious as high-calorie milkshakes and need only a few ingredients. The best base for smoothies is bananas because they act as a thickener, making smoothies rich and creamy. Keep a few bananas in your freezer so they are already ice cold. One banana per smoothie is all you need. Add other fruits, fresh or frozen, to your smoothie and blend until everything has completely mixed. Encourage your teens to experiment with different fruits; you can even start a smoothie special of the week.

Veggies, Pita and Hummus. My favorite! Chips and dips are the go-to snack for teens, however they are high in saturated fats, unhealthy to eat every day. As an alternative to chips, try freshly cut vegetables like celery, carrots, cauliflower or broccoli. Pita or whole grain crackers also go great with hummus and can be more filling than vegetables. Hummus is a creamy dip made out of chick peas and spices; this dip is a great source of protein and comes in a variety of flavors.

Options are from here.
Photo is from here.

What do you snack on when you come home from school?!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Food for Thought: Lemon Hummus

Ever since the first time I tried Whole Food's Lemon Hummus, I loved it so much that every time I went there to buy food, I always went to pick up the hummus first! LOL. It was just that good! For those of you who don't know what hummus is, it's a dip made from pureed chickpeas. It's a great dip for pretzels, chips, vegetables, and anything else you can think of. It is  I highly recommend trying hummus to anyone who has an open mind about trying new foods or who is bored of the usual salsa's just SO good!

Hummus comes in many different flavors, but my favorite is lemon hummus. I love citrus because the vitamin C in them keeps you healthy at all times. Hummus is great for parties, with chips and veggies on the side. I just realized that making your own lemon hummus is easier than I thought! Just take original hummus (any brand that makes hummus) and squeeze about a quarter to a half a lemon (depending on what acidity you want your hummus to have) and VOILA! Enjoy your hummus!

Would you try hummus? Or make it yourself? What else would you dip into it besides pretzels, chips and veggies?