Monday, September 17, 2012

Food for Thought: Lemon Hummus

Ever since the first time I tried Whole Food's Lemon Hummus, I loved it so much that every time I went there to buy food, I always went to pick up the hummus first! LOL. It was just that good! For those of you who don't know what hummus is, it's a dip made from pureed chickpeas. It's a great dip for pretzels, chips, vegetables, and anything else you can think of. It is  I highly recommend trying hummus to anyone who has an open mind about trying new foods or who is bored of the usual salsa's just SO good!

Hummus comes in many different flavors, but my favorite is lemon hummus. I love citrus because the vitamin C in them keeps you healthy at all times. Hummus is great for parties, with chips and veggies on the side. I just realized that making your own lemon hummus is easier than I thought! Just take original hummus (any brand that makes hummus) and squeeze about a quarter to a half a lemon (depending on what acidity you want your hummus to have) and VOILA! Enjoy your hummus!

Would you try hummus? Or make it yourself? What else would you dip into it besides pretzels, chips and veggies? 


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