Friday, September 6, 2013

I Got The Eye Of The Tiger

I'm literally obsessed with Roar by Katy Perry (and her of course)! It's so motivational and it makes me feel so strong and confident. If you've listened to this song, did you feel the same way? I love the way this music video was filmed. I mean, who wouldn't want to hang out with elephants and tigers and swing on a rope like Tarzan in a jungle?

If you have not listened to this song yet, here it is:

P.S. Who watched Katy on Good Morning America this morning? 

K    A    T    Y         C    A    T    S


Monday, September 2, 2013

School Spritz: Freshman Year Survival Guide

Freshman year of high school can be a terrifying, yet exciting year. It's all about making new friends and getting used to the big school you just set foot in. It's full of new and friendly people who are willing to help you find your way around. 

In this edition of "School Spritz", I will be sharing experiences and my knowledge about freshman year with those nervous about that first year in high school. Use these tips below and I guarantee freshman year will be a great year. 

1. TIME MANAGEMENT. I'm pretty sure you've all heard this term from your parents and/or previous teachers. This is one of the keys to success in high school. As far as homework goes, do the easiest assignments first to get them out of the way, then study for that big biology test and write your essay later...those take A LOT of time! 

2. FRIENDS. Having several close friends by your side can really make a difference. They can help you tremendously through your ups and downs. Also, lunch time is the best time to hang out with all of them.

3. EXTRA HELP. I can't stress this enough. ALWAYS see your teacher if you are unsure of an assignment. Their job is to help you, right? Go to them and I guarantee they will be more than happy to help you when the need arises. I can't count the amount of times I went to see my teachers for help...It helps a lot! Not only does your grade on the assignment go up, but also your bond with that teacher comes closer.

Follow my 3 keys to success and you'll have a great time in high school! For those of you who are freshmen in high school, there are always people out there to help you, NOT hurt you! 

Good luck to everyone in school this year!

Review: Cerave Moisturizing Cream

For almost a month now, I've been using CeraVe's moisturizing cream, prescribed by my lovely dermatologist, Dr. Bowe (she's amazing!). Don't worry, you can get thid product over-the-counter. It is literally amazing! It is SLIGHTLY thicker than a lotion but it is suitable for every season and weather condition.

If you have excema like myself, this cream is accepted by the National Excema Association. I had a severe heat rash from my summer vacation, and this cream took the rash away like magic. As said on the label, this cream really does moisturize, restore, and maintain the protective skin barrier. It keeps your skin moist for hours and even DAYS! Honestly! Just try it! This cream is sold at major drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens. 

Hope you guys enjoy this post! If you have any questions about this product, skincare related questions, or about anything in general, please do NOT hesitate to leave a comment below or email me at
I will try my hardest to get back to you. I PROMISE! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Hey! You've probebly been staring at this page for a year and asked yourself, "where is she?" Sophomore year was crazy and junior year will only be crazier (SATs, drivers ed, you name it). I was just so busy with school work and appointments of every kind. I'm so sorry about not posting. This year, I am committing to this blog. I have so many things to share with you guys and hope that you guys keep reading this blog!