Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sentimental Saturday: CVS and Lord & Taylor Collective Haul

Hey guys! On Friday, I went to lunch in the village with my mom because we had a half day. We went to one of my favorite restaurants called "Chat". I've been there so many times and maybe I'll do a review on it! If you want me to, let me know in the comments below!

After Chat, my mom and I went to CVS and she got a new mascara and a few other things. Field day is this Wednesday (ahhh so excited!) and I'm on the blue team so I bought a light turquoise polish from Orly thats called "gumdrop" and I ran out of topcoat so I bought one from Sally Hansen.

So onto the haul....
1. Strengthening Top Coat by Sally Hansen

2. Gumdrop by Orly- Don't you just love the name?

3. White denim shorts by Guess- I love the belt that comes with it! So colorful!

4. Orange denim shorts by Roxy- don't be afraid to be a little daring! Stores like Forever 21 and H&M have great deals on spring trends like this one

5. Denim shorts by DKNY- a must have in every girl's closet

Which one do you like the most? Also, I'm doing an Ask Tiffani post soon. Have any questions that you're dying to ask me? Put them in the comments below! I will look at them and answer them!


  1. hey, i just tagged you in my 11 questions tag!

  2. Nice haul! I love the colour of that Orly nail polish.

    Check out my blog? xx